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10 Insights About Customer Experience by Steven Van Belleghem

Bima Krisna Noveta

Jul 23, 2021
4 minutes read
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Steven Van Belleghem provides 10 insights into the customer experience. First, bringing a human touch to the customer experience. The interaction between the customer and the company is more important than ever. It is important to turn the human mentality into digital channels by utilizing Zoom Meeting, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Then use empathy, creativity, and passion on a large scale to reach as many people as possible for human touch.

Second, the future of e-commerce could be slower or slower. Currently, the Asian market can make deliveries in 29 minutes, and it is very likely that the next phase will be made with a flash delivery time of 5 to 10 minutes. We will see this trend faster and more personally. But it may also be slower because we do not need the item on the same day. So that the customer can make an order for the company to deliver the goods at the time the customer wants.

Third, happy employees make happy customers. Sometimes people ask how the customer experience is, but what about the employees? There is research for the Amazon company that Amazon customers are happy, but employees are not. Steven Van Belleghem said if a company can make employees happy, then it is 100% certain that customers will be happy.

Fourth, today we live in a hybrid world. We are no longer talking about offline versus online, digital versus analog. But nowadays every interaction has a potential digital layer. Let us think about combining the power of offline and digital to interact.

Fifth, digital convenience is a new commodity. The last ten years have seen an increase in 4G, mobile and social. These changes lead to a better level of comfort. Now digital convenience is the minimum standard for commodities. If the company does not have it yet, then the company needs to think about it, because customers will look for it.

The sixth is future digital interfaces that will include invisible such as AI and IoT that create magical experiences without any effort from the customer. Then there will be more personalized individual needs, zero effort that does not require any effort from the user, and the last one is proactive which can solve problems before the customer realizes it.

The seventh is to get customer feedback on an ongoing basis. Analysis of customer behavior towards our product, then customer attitude of what customers like and do not like. If the two are combined, we will get the right customer journey to go according to the customer's wishes.

Eighth, change the hierarchy to improve customer experience. It is not like the traditional hierarchy where the CEO is at the top but let us try to reverse it if the staff who directly meet customers are at the top of the hierarchy. Because if that is the case, we will think about how to facilitate staff to provide the best customer experience to customers.

The ninth is to find patterns of customer behavior. We need to see consumption patterns from customers by taking weekly data because there will certainly be a repeating pattern there or a pattern. When we already have a pattern, we can predict customer needs in the future.

Tenth, fix the problem for your customers. If something goes wrong between the customer and the company, usually the company will research the error made by the company or customer. This will result in blaming activities that will make the customer angry. In conclusion, do not look for the person who made the mistake, but just fix the problem even if the problem is done by the customer. Because customers will remember it forever.



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