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5 Customer Experiences You Can Learn from Tony Hsieh CEO Zappos by Steven Van Belleghem

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Here, Steven Van Belleghem will tell you 5 Customer Experiences that can be learned from Tony Hsieh. Tony Hsieh is the CEO and founder of Zappos. The first is to focus on word of mouth. Tony Hsieh tells his colleagues and clients that we do not sell shoes, but we send happiness. Tony came up with the idea that you can buy shoes and if you do not like them you can send them back for 365 days. Of course, the world thought that he was crazy in 2010, but he believed that you should bring a wow experience that will result in word of mouth.

The second is customer-focused KPIs in his contact center. Zappos contact center asks questions in the survey to gauge whether people are happy with the services in their contact center, but with the following question would you hire the person you just spoke to, if you were a CEO of a company. The question goes much deeper than simply saying whether you are satisfied or not. Every day they want to hit their target of 90 of those questions, and they use these alternative customer-centric KPIs to create exceptional customer service in their contact center.

The third is easy to reach contact center. Having a good contact center ensures that people can contact you easily. Every page of the Zappos website has a phone number to ensure people have easy access to their line. Some traditional companies may want to avoid that, but Zappos says if people have questions, they can contact us. As a result, we will have the opportunity to provide an extraordinary customer experience. So those customers trust more and buy more products from our side in the future.

Fourth is paying employees to leave their jobs. Zappos has a very interesting recruiting and HR strategy. That's because after six weeks you will be invited into Tony's office, and he will make a proposal for you. Tony says you can quit your job now, and I'll pay you three months' salary as a bonus. This he does to check whether his workers work for money or stay with him because of the culture and really believe in the philosophy. Tony wants to make sure they leave early to preserve the culture and to make sure that every 100 of his employees are part of the story Tony wants to tell customers.

Fifth is focused on sales results does not fight with playing the long-term game. In the center of the Zappos office, there is a screen to see in real-time the amount of money that comes in, every time someone orders a shoe, see revenue rises and when they break records for the day. Every time they break a record, they throw a party that is part of the culture. They also celebrate financial success. With short-term results, Zappos had a huge growth pattern in its early days as it was customer-centered.



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