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Changes to McDonald's Services to Improve Customer-Centric

CXSense Admin

Jun 12, 2021
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Surely you are no stranger to this American fast food restaurant, namely McDonald's which has been established from 1940-present where this restaurant not only provides on-site dining services but customers can also be provided with drive-thru services in ordering food and drinks. at the fast-food restaurant.

Unfortunately in 2013, this McDonald's company experienced a decline in sales levels and also customer satisfaction services. During the last two years 2014-2015, McDonald's used customer data to improve satisfaction through the Limited-Service Restaurants ACSI Scores, they realized that it was very important to listen to every input and complaint from customers as feedback for McDonald's.


Finally, McDonald's also thought of a way to make a change to focus on handling service to customers, so in 2014 former McDonald's CEO Don Thompson announced that customer service is a top priority in the key to the success of a sales brand that will create a more memorable experience so that will provide maximum comfort.

McDonald's itself started to make various changes with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction such as starting from the quality of products sold and facilities at offline outlets & ordering online which finally customer-centricity has officially made changes at every point of sales contact, from menus, marketing to a restaurant. Not only that, McDonald's provides an opportunity for customers to be able to provide feedback on suggestions, satisfaction to McDonald's with the aim of capturing more and better customer data in accordance with what has been announced by CEO Steve Easterbrook to focus on customers to comply with customer demand. McDonald's is now providing services by utilizing technology by using various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and also surveys on customer satisfaction. This service through social media, customers can ask questions about anything about the quality of McDonald's food, criticism and also suggestions for the menus sold.

With this, the data that enters McDonald's will make changes to identify all obstacles to provide solutions to problems experienced by customers. Thus, from the services provided to McDonald's, it will continue to provide services to improve customer satisfaction, where this commodity is the most important commodity for the sustainability of the McDonald's company business in the future.


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