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Customer Experience Improvement by Pertamina

Luthfiana Firdaus

Apr 26, 2022
2 minutes read
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Pertamina is one of BUMN companies engaged in the field of energy business with one of its products, such as gasoline. In the sale of gasoline, Pertamina starts to implement self-service for filling gasoline in each of its gas stations. This is one of the ways that Pertamina does to gain trust from customers through customer experience. This self-service begins by paying a certain amount of money according to the amount and type of gasoline we want. After making the payment, we will get a receipt containing the barcode to be scanned at the station. By scanning this barcode, the filling of gasoline will be set according to the price that we have paid. So, if you have reached the maximum limit of the price you have paid, the filling process will automatically stop. By providing this transparent access, the customers will no longer have any doubts about whether the gasoline amount is in accordance with what they have bought or not.

In addition to implementing this self-service, Pertamina also provides digital services through MyPertamina application which can be installed in our smartphones. MyPertamina offers several services, such as cashless payment transactions, Pertamina Delivery Services, and loyalty services. This cashless payment can be done by scanning the barcode to connect the payment process via LinkAja application. Then, Pertamina Delivery Services offers gasoline delivery, according to orders with certain terms and conditions. Next, the loyalty services are provided in the form of points that can be obtained from every purchase of fuel in every Pertamina gas station. The points earned also differ depending on the type and amount of fuel purchased. From these points, they can be exchanged for some rewards and promos from MyPertamina. The use of the application, as a connector between customers and Pertamina as a fuel provider, will certainly improve customer experience in terms of efficiency and ease of purchase transactions.

Self-services and transactions using MyPertamina are still partially carried out in big cities. However, it is possible that in the future, self-services and MyPertamina will become the main method of service and fuel purchase transactions in all Indonesian branches. This obviously needs to be balanced with intensive socialization, especially regarding the steps on how to perform self-services because this service is still relatively new in Indonesia.

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