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Customer Experience Is Everything

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Give customers a great and memorable experience, and they would be willing to buy more and even share their experiences with their friends. So why are there customers that are disappointed? It could be called an experience disconnect. Companies often implements the latest technologies and the most fascinating designs, yet they have failed to consider the customer’s experiences.

“What makes a good experience?”, You may ask. A good customer experience takes notes of the speed, convenience, consistency and friendliness. It is connected by one important aspect: human touch – that is by creating real connections by making technology feel more human and providing employees the necessary tools to provide and deliver a better customer experience.

The main challenge is to make use of the technology that are available to us with the purpose of creating and delivering an experience that feels more human while at the same time empowers employees and does not cause frustration to the customers.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), there are 6 takeaways to guide us:

1. The price premium is real – and it’s big

The payoffs for valued, great experiences are tangible: up to a 16% price premium on products and services and on top of that added with increased loyalty. There are a lot of customers who are willing to share personal data with a company in order to get a better or great experience in return.

2. Bad experience is driving customers away

We must always pay close attention to the experiences we are giving to our customers. One in three customers are most likely going to walk away from a brand or company after having just one bad experiences. They either stop purchasing the products or shift towards the competitors. Therefore, maintaining and providing a consistent excellent customer experience is crucial.

3. Companies need to get the must-do’s right

Convenience, Speed, training employees to be as helpful and as friendly as possible matters the most, each hitting 70% in importance to customers. Those who gets it right prioritizes technologies that offers these points or benefits over adopting technology that does not offer any of these benefits just to be more modern and advanced.

4. The employee experience is the key

Human interactions matters now more than ever, especially during the pandemics where these connections are often restricted. People will crave for even more interactions and connections in the future. Regardless, the technologies that supports human interactions must be consistent, and available across multiple platforms.

5. Give up generational fixation

What matters most to all generations seemed to matters to the current generation, Gen Z as well. However, the speed and the knowledge of information that is being passed on to Gen Z might be different. They tend to be more instant and is expected to provide convenience as there is a transition from tablet to smartphone to desktop to human.

6. Experience is the strategy

54% of U.S. consumers say customer experience at most companies needs improvement. That’s quite and experience gap. Companies are still competing to use different methods and strategies to deliver the best customer experience which suits them the most.

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