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Difference between Customer Experience and Customer Service by Andrew Davis

Bima Krisna Noveta

Aug 13, 2021
2 minutes read
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Andrew Davis explained the difference between customer experience and customer service by ordering a garage door from The Doorman. Andrew first searched The Doorman's website and tried to find a storm garage door, but a search on The Doorman's website did not find what Andrew was looking for. Then Andrew tried to find testimonials from The Doorman, the results found were very good testimonials and no bad testimonials at all. Then Andrew tried to find testimonials for The Doorman on google, it turned out that the rating was pretty good 4.5 out of 5. Then Andrew tried to look at 1-star reviews, it turned out that The Doorman was quite responsive in responding to bad reviews about them. After that Andrew tried to fill out a form on the contact us menu to order a storm garage door.

All the stories above are part of the customer experience. Because experience is an event or event that leaves an impression or not. So, every change in Andrew's facial expression while undergoing the customer journey is the impression that Andrew gets from the customer experience. More specifically, customer experience is a series of events or events that leave an impression on someone or not. Then Andrew tried to check the email whether there was a reply from The Doorman or not, but in fact, there was none which made Andrew wonder if he filled out the form correctly but why there was no confirmation.

After a few hours, Andrew finally got the email, but it was written in capital letters, giving the impression of The Doorman yelling at him. But the email is customer service. Customer service is advice or interpersonal assistance given to someone during and after the sale of a product or service. Andrew provided footage of the file when The Doorman came to his house, his name was Jim and he was very kind and gave catalogs and business cards. After he left Andrew was happy because of the customer service provided. After Jim came home, it turned out that Jim gave Andrew an email and it was a customer experience, but the content of the email was customer service.



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