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Digital Customer Experience in the Automotive Industry

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Reporting from the Capgemini YouTube Channel with the theme of Customer Experience presented by Nick Gill & Marc Martinez, explaining how Capgemini places the customer at the center throughout the customer's lifetime.

Capgemini itself is a company that works closely in the automotive industry in the field of customer experience, which focuses on processes, systems, and managing the complex changes that are at stake. Nick Gill said that they wanted to be the best company for digital customer experience in the automotive industry. Capgemini company recently conducted a survey of 500 global automotive industry companies. Two-thirds of the companies said that they focused their business on customers where the company was applied the customer-centric. Capgemini explained that initially the automotive industry wasn’t very product-focused throughout its hundred-year history. This change in customer-centric implementation is a significant change in how companies position customers as customer-centric on everything from pre-sales to post-sales companies across various channels such as the internet, call center, and dealership showrooms. This is a significant change that all companies have to go through and it requires changes to the processes, systems and a whole culture of the company.

Marc Martinez explains that one example they are proud of is the partnership they have with They conduct a survey / research on information about the vehicles used by customers, then they then look at how customers use the vehicle, can project how the product is used, how happy they are with its performance, overall service and also see when the customer has to replace the vehicle. From this, the company can provide guidance to the OEM's lead management operations and provide information about how the company's service providers should interact with customers when customers come to the dealer showroom. The company has also carried out advanced applications around service room management so when a customer came to the dealership, the dealer and service technician already know the customer, what all the company's vehicle history is, what the customer came for, and what kind of service the customer needs. From here the company has made advanced applications around mobility and in particular what they are very proud of is the service they provide to General Motors as their global consumer mobility application which they apply to them around the world. So the customers will also increase their loyalty to the company and an extraordinary customer experience.


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