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Futuristic CX Framework for Omnipresent Customers by Raman M K, Virtual Exhibition CX Summit 2022.

Amelia Amanda

Oct 12, 2022
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“Customer behaviors are changing every day right and you as a company have to make sure that you are meeting their needs by adopting newer technologies. – in fact, COVID or the entire pandemic has only accelerated this process.” – Raman M K, Head of International Marketing, Exotel (12/10/22).

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted our lives and livelihoods months after the novel coronavirus was discovered in the country. In daily life, the epidemic has largely altered all of our routines. In normal times, customers have a tendency to remain obstinately loyal to their routines, which leads to very delayed adoption of advantageous innovations that need behavioral modification. The COVID-19 dilemma has now prompted customers worldwide to alter their behavior—quickly and significantly.

Mr. Raman saw this as an opportunity for companies to do various things in order to maintain a seamless customer experience. One of them is a framework that will ensure the entire customer experience for their regions. Here is 4 framework for futuristic CX that will get your company a remarkable customer experience:

1. Make sure that the company is integrating all the channels it uses to connect with its customers.

“Most companies nowadays function at multiple customer-facing teams, yet all of them are using multiple channels to talk to their customers. Each facing teams work with different vendors. “ He said.

This way, it can cause a miscommunication between the two. The Flywheel Model will sort this out. The Flywheel Model will center the client, who frequently takes on more of a partner and engager role. Both the client and the business strive for mutual prosperity. This will help a company give that connected experience to its customers.

2. Have a smarter, more efficient, and more intelligent conversation with its customers.

Mr.Raman explains that most companies, including his company, have a self-serve dashboard before the company gets connected to the customer. Not just, automated query resolution with their customers but also have automation bots across multiple internal teams as well. This way, the company will bring an enhanced customer experience.

3. Unifying all the data in one place.

Mr.Raman explains that combining all of the communication and customer data will help a company with 3 things :

- Give a complete contextual agent communication.

- Engage with customers on a preferred channel and time of its convenience.

- Have enough data to now train all your bots so that they will solve the query much faster.

4. Cloud Promise

“Companies are trying to move towards a true cloud experience to ensure that they’re able to onboard a customer faster and sustain them.” He said.

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