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Improved Customer Experience (CX) through People, Process, and Technology

CXSense Admin

May 24, 2021
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The COVID-19 pandemic has made 2020 a year of rapid change and wide impact on all sectors of life, including the business sector. Businesses must change the way they interact with customers when physical visits and face-to-face contact must be limited. Contact centers and virtual platforms play an important role in ensuring customers get the help or advice they need according to their needs.

Without face-to-face contact, the experience that customers feel when interacting with the company via telephone or virtual platforms will increasingly determine the reputation of a brand or company. Therefore, improving the quality of people, processes, and technology in providing the best service and experience for customers will have a major impact on long-term loyalty.

1. People

Personalization at the contact center or service contact center is becoming increasingly important given the demands to provide a better customer experience by helping customers find solutions to their problems. Skilled agents who can quickly adapt to increasing demands and the dynamics of changing customer expectations are an important key to contact center success. Several things need to be done to improve the quality of customer experience at the contact center through the people aspect, including:

a. Product Knowledge Mastery

Mastery of qualified product knowledge by the customer service team is an important key to customer experience because they interact directly with customers. This is also a marketing strategy to achieve sales potential for both new and existing customers. Customer service response that is fast, precise, and meets customer needs will increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty to continue using the product.

b. Implementation of Communication Strategy

The team must carry out a communication strategy that is closely monitored as a basis for optimally improving customer experience (CX). Things such as the application of 5S (Smile, Greet, Greeting, Polite, and Courtesy) in the delivery of service communication need to be carried out consistently, bearing in mind that the characteristics possessed by customers differ from one another. The responsive attitude of the customer service team in conveying information needs to be a concern so that it can provide solutions as quickly as possible to customers.

c. Customer Experience (CX) socialization

Understanding the importance of customer experience (CX) to all levels of management and employees needs to be continuously encouraged through various communication channels, for example, events such as the CX Forum, CX Summit, and CX Talks. In addition, an information portal is also needed that contains a series of activities and customer experience insights, as is done through the CX Website. This is an effort so that all employees apply customer-centric and optimal thinking in understanding customer service needs to provide the best customer experience.

2. Process

Along with increasing customer demand and the emergence of various limitations due to the situation, old inefficient and out of date business processes need to be improved to create a better customer experience, among others through:

a. Close-the-Loop Customer Experience

Implementing a close-the-loop business process in responding to customer complaints is important because it is an opportunity to show customers in a direct and personal way that their input matters and the company cares. Close-the-loop business processes have the opportunity to turn dissatisfied customers into promoters and leave a positive impression on other customers.

b. Updated Code of Conduct (CoC)

Customer interaction with the frontline officer is one of the keys to customer experience because they are often the moment of customer truth occur. Therefore, the Code of Conduct becomes very important for frontline officers. Codes of Conduct that need to be considered include standards of service behavior, standards of interaction with customers, the appearance of officers, and standards of health protocols. The Code of Conduct needs to be constantly and continuously updated to adapt to the current situation and conditions.

3. Technology

Customer engagement is now happening at an increasingly digital level and many processes that were once effective are now subject to evaluation for improvement or updating. Of course, this is also a big impact on the COVID-19 pandemic. The following is the application of technology that can improve customer experience:

a. Integrated System for Monitoring Customer Satisfaction Feedback

The launch of the Customer Experience Dashboard by Telkom's Digital Business Directorate presents an integrated platform that is a solution for internal companies in increasing customer satisfaction and customer experience. This platform can monitor customer feedback, Net Promoter Score (NPS), operational metrics, as well as customer experience improvement initiatives from all CFUs / TREGs to the Witel level. This is expected to help agility in handling customer feedback so as to increase satisfaction from services managed by the company internally.

b. Application of Digital Plasa Service

Telkom consistently provides the best service for customers through the new digital experience. Plasa Telkom Digital is an outlet service with the latest walk-in channel innovation that implements a one-stop solution digital service independently for customers. This is one part of the effort to realize the Best Class Customer Experience.

c. Virtual Platform Service: myIndiHome X

The easier it is for people to access Telkom services through the myIndiHome X application in meeting their needs, of course, will also spur the growth of the number of subscribers. The myIndiHome X application is presented so that Telkom customers can get services that are easier, more convenient, and can be done anywhere and anytime. The application is used for IndiHome registration, additional services, reporting service interruptions, checking bills, checking reward points, and usage info. The application can be used to register for IndiHome services, add-on services, report service interruptions, check bills, check reward points, and use usage info. The myIndiHome X application can be accessed through the website and can be downloaded on the Google PlayStore for Android users, and also on the AppStore for iOS users.

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