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Improvement of Sociolla's Customer Experience

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Sociolla has been a cosmetic shop that provides a variety of quality and original beauty products since 2015. Sociolla collaborates directly with national distributors and official brand owners in Indonesia to ensure that every product that consumers buy is authentic with certification from the Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM RI). Not only original but Sociolla products are also stored with quality because it is guaranteed by Sociolla's own operating management by complying with international standards and storage guidelines by the brand owner.

Sociolla continues to innovate by thinking about the convenience of consumers to shop at its stores. Sociolla presented the omnichannel concept in 2019. This aims to create a better customer experience because customers can try the products that are sold directly. Then there is Soco technology that allows customers to view product reviews by scanning the barcode on the product. Not only that, Sociolla surprises customers by presenting Beauty Bar, Skin Shelf, Beauty ATM, Soco Station, Wall of Mask, and Event Area.

Beauty Bar is a place like a bar where customers can try various products from the latest brands with good lighting. Then the Skin Shelf area was created with the aim that customers can try tester products with the concept of an area that resembles a cupboard and a room sink like at home. Furthermore, Beauty ATM is a digital vending machine that can scan the customer's Soco ID.

There is also a Soco Station that provides promos and product recommendations according to the customer's Beauty Profile. Wall of Mask is the largest face mask wall in Indonesia with more than a hundred variants of face masks from various brands. Then the last one is the Event Area which is a place for mini talk show events and makeup sharing sessions.





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