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In This Digital Era, Do You Prefer CX or DX? Both is The Answer!

Gabriella Theresa

Mar 4, 2022
3 minutes read
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Many companies change their business focus to customer satisfaction, so they compete to provide the best Customer Experience (CX) so that the products and brands owned by the company have a place in the hearts of the wider community.

The great and quality CX in this digital era should not be separated from technological sophistication. Reporting from Rachel Bodony's Youtube channel (content specialist from SurveyMonkey), we can clearly know about CX and Digital Experience (DX). The strategy of these two things is very essential in providing a good experience for customers.

CX is likened to an umbrella component for DX, while DX is a key component born of CX. If described, CX is like a train, and DX is the passenger. CX and DX are difficult to separate in this modern and digital era, CX and DX are very essential and have a strong bond.

CX talks about how customers perceive their entire interaction with a company or brand. A good CX means being able to provide the experience customers expect or even exceed customer expectations.

While CX is defined as the overall customer experience, DX has a slightly different meaning. DX is how customers perceive the experience they feel when interacting through the company's digital channels, such as websites and e-mail.

According to Rachel's statement, a good CX would not exist without a quality DX. So, it can be concluded that DX is very essential in the company's CX. There are 4 steps to implement a quality DX, which are as follows:

1. Collect customer feedback.

Collect feedback from customers regarding products or experiences they get when interacting with brands or companies through company-owned digital channels.

2. Analyze customer feedback.

After the feedback data is collected, analyze the reviews and look for DX trends that match the needs and desires of customers.

3. Design a fast DX.

Design effective and efficient digital interactions so customers don't have to waste a lot of time.

4. Optimize DX on the customer's cell phone.

Adjust the digital channel used with the device that the customer has, and make sure it can be optimized on devices such as mobile phones (Smartphones).

It may not cross the customer's mind to choose which is better between the CX without the involvement of technology, or the DX. However, customers will always choose the most profitable, safe, and convenient option when interacting with customers. A good combination of CX and DX can produce a consistent experience that will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


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