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Providing Tokopedia Care Services in Improving Tokopedia's Customer Experience

CXSense Admin

Mar 30, 2021
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Customers are a key to the success of a business. This is why it is very important to provide a good experience from customers to the services that businesses provide to customers. Therefore, customer experience is very important to represent to customers who will instill this value in customers.

Tokopedia is an e-commerce application that has a key goal of "focusing on consumers", therefore trust and loyalty from customers is a top priority for Tokopedia in running its business. With this, the increasing size of Tokopedia makes Tokopedia want to provide innovations that aim to further provide their customer experience, starting from providing services by utilizing digital-based technology such as providing call center services, email, social media, and other platforms to maximize customer needs. which leads to increased customer satisfaction. Therefore, Tokopedia finally made innovations to further improve its services to customers by creating innovative Tokopedia Care services.

Tokopedia Care is a service provided by Tokopedia which is a feature that provides all information where customers can find solutions to problems faced by customers. Tokopedia Care also utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) by providing live chat features, chatbots to customers for customer questions to Tokopedia regarding the obstacles they face, so that this feature can help customers if there are still questions that customers are still looking for.

Not only that, Tokopedia Care also opened their offline service at Puri Kembangan, Yogyakarta and Semarang. With this, customers can directly visit the place to experience the service experience provided by the Tokopedia service itself. This facility provided by Tokopedia Care's offline service allows customers to get an education about a product and also the services provided by Tokopedia towards solving problems experienced by customers directly (walk-in). Then the other facilities provided are the focus on operating control with the Tokopedia Customer Engagement Hub, where this service can monitor the performance of digital customer service in real-time so that you can see all scales and also feedback on customers.

So with the Tokopedia Care feature service provided by Tokopedia, it can provide and improve the quality of service for Tokopedia users to ensure customers are satisfied using the Tokopedia application and improve good relationships with customers and also Tokopedia to create a good customer experience.


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