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The Customer Needs for Human Connection and Experiences

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The human health crisis has changed many aspects of our lives that has affected both our private life and our professional work life. A study conducted by the Marketing Week and Econsultancy shows that 62% of B2C marketers and 51% of B2B marketers said that COVID-19 has caused a significant change in the customer journey.

The pandemic has cause businesses to pay attention to customer experience more than ever. We are forced to keep our distance between one another, and this can be difficult for us since we are human beings which requires human connection which includes physical contact, and social contact. To deliver an excellent customer experience, we can focus on these 3 areas:

1. Managing Employee Experiences

Employee Experience is just as important as customer experience. In a poll done by Gallup, 3 in 5 people who has worked from home has chosen to continue to do so instead of going back to working in an office. There are many different connectivity tools that has surfaced and is used more frequently however there are still many flaws within these tools. This is more than just digital enablement, bit it is also about maintaining culture, values and creating a solid community.

Companies needs to design employee experience just like how they design customer experience. A study conducted in 2017 by Harvard Business Review found that companies that has invested in employee experience has outperformed those who didn’t: They have four times more profit per employee and almost three times more revenue per employee.

2. Getting In-Touch With Customers and In A Better Way

The pandemic has completely changed what we knew about customer behavior. The shift towards a more digital, contactless processes and the unpredictable behavior of customers, partners and employees are what the executives are what the executives are worried about.

Companies needs to update their understanding and knowledge of their customer segments by looking at more than just the demographics and transactional data to understand the behavior and needs that drives their motivation. The shift in expectations also means that customers will need a different experience that suits their expectations and it should be designed through the customer’s perspective.

3. Make Sure the Drive for Greater Efficiency and Cost Reduction Doesn’t Damage CX.

Many changes needs to be made because of the pandemic. These changes could be in forms of eliminating services or automating activities to achieve higher level of efficiency and obtain more revenue. This may have an impact on the human connections and customer experience, therefore we must be very careful.

There are many ways which can be used to reduce costs but still improve customer experience at the same time. It is to see the operational improvements through the customer experience perspective. Most of the time, the problems which arises in a positive experience is caused by significant inefficiency. A lot of these actions may include removing unnecessary processes, and even using the CX Strategies such as journey mapping, segmentation,     and automation of manual processes.


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