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Three Steps to Improve Customer Experience by Andrew Davis

Bima Krisna Noveta

Jul 30, 2021
2 minutes read
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Andrew Davis says you only need to know three things to be a great customer service representative or sales associate. Each interaction can be broken down into three small steps. In the first step, you must immediately answer the trigger question. Trigger questions are the first questions that pop into your mind when you go on a trip you never expected. If you are on the customer service team for the rental department.

Then you get a call with a question about the rental price for the day, but you will give a bad impression if you ask for customer details before you make an offer. It is better to answer these questions immediately because customers want to get answers quickly. If you do that, then you have already started turning doubters into no.

The second step is to remove the friction that can get in the way of creating a great customer experience. For example, if you really want to get them to sign a rental agreement at the end of this phone call, that's your moment of commitment set for your goal. Instead of asking for personal data one by one, it's better if we ask their names, but do it by strengthening brotherhood.

The third step is to increase the friendship by personalizing it for the person you are calling. For example, "Hi, my name is Andrew, and I'll be here to help you through the rental process, and I'll even be here the day you pick up your equipment. But what's your name?" Improving friendships can be preceded by providing some personal information about you so that customers feel comfortable and trust you.



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