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Tine E. Effendi – Customer Service Satisfaction in Bukalapak | OpenTalks

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Mar 30, 2021
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Reported from the BukaTalks youtube channel which contains the New Era of Customer Satisfaction presented by Tina E. Effendi, explaining how to service BukaLapak in today's digital era.

BukaLapak itself has been running its business for 8 years, where this e-commerce platform not only offers products and promos, but BukaLapak itself has a strategy that is implemented and is one of the strongest reasons or keys that make BukaLapak still able to survive until now. This is by strengthening its strategy in implementing its services to customers. This is what makes BukaLapak's engagement to customers the best service they offer.

Their way of providing services to customers is by opening Omni Channels as many as 9 service media including Call Center, Live Chat, Telegram, Twitter, FB Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and also Email. In the future, BukaLapak will also open new media via WhatsApp. . This is what makes BukaLapak very concerned about market segmentation in offering their service media to their customers as comfortably as possible. Not only that, BukaLapak learned how they can continue to attract customers by improving their service offerings by changing from SLA service to XLA.

XLA (eXperience Level Agreement) is a way to measure service/service that still looks at the quality of service but is more everlasting to create a good customer experience. So that with this XLA can provide good customer satisfaction to BukaLapak which will give their loyalty to the e-commerce platform.

From there, BukaLapak is also committed to mapping its customer experience by utilizing all advanced technology today by providing North Star Metric KPI, namely Happiness as measured by Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) which will continue to grow in the future. provide high income for the company and also provide a good service culture that will carry out the sustainability of the company's goals.

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