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CDIO Telkom Group Kick Start CX Dashboard

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Jun 8, 2023
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Jakarta – TelkomGroup CDIO, Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid, officially kicked off the online Customer Experience (CX) Dashboard through a webinar, Wednesday (19/5). The event was attended by 112 participants including EVP Digital & Next Business, EVP TREG 3, EVP TREG 4, EVP TREG 7, EGM TV Video Division, Director of Metranet, DEGM IT Operations, VP Planning & Resource Management Consumer Directorate, DEVP CX & Digitalization BUMN, DEVP Infrastructure TREG 4, DEGM Infrastructure & Operation TV Video Division, DEGM Business Devt & Programming TV Video Division, senior leaders from CFU CONS, CFU EBIS, CFU WINS, FU NITS, CFU DB, TREG 1 to 7, Melon, Metranet, Infomedia, and Telkom Access.

The event was opened by Sri Safitri as DEVP of CX & Digitalization of BUMN who provided a report on the results of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) measurement from Telkom services and conveyed the readiness of the Customer Experience (CX) Dashboard which provides NPS score data and integrated service metrics.

"We already have a purpose, vision, and mission, where customer experience is one of the missions related to the orchestrate digital ecosystem to deliver superior customer experience," said Sri Safitri. Here the key is how Telkom Group from IT units, Regional, subsidiaries, and product management units can jointly provide superior customer experience. Sri Safitri explained that the CX Dashboard has been developed so that each unit can directly access and monitor NPS performance data, customer feedback, customer paint points, operational metrics, and also the CX improvement program. CX Dashboard can be accessed via the Telkom intranet network with user login using NIK & password portal. At this event, socialization of the CX Dashboard feature was also carried out to all event participants through video screenings of the socialization of the CX Dashboard feature.

Fajrin Rasyid welcomes this CX Dashboard development initiative. On this occasion, Fajrin Rasyid conveyed the following highlights, first, how Telkom uses digital technology to be able to increase the value add for our business to customers. This is important because based on the facts in the global market, companies that have superior CX have better returns than other companies. Second, if we look at the digital world, changes are happening very fast. One example is that complaints from Indihome customers are currently mostly conveyed through social media, which is different from the previous condition where customer complaints were submitted through Plasa Telkom. In addition, regarding the clarity of information, currently, customers also want to know the position of Indihome technicians in real-time. To meet this need, there is currently a feature for tracking technicians in the myIndihomeX mobile application. It is crucial for us to always listen and follow the development of customer behavior and expectations.

 "Therefore, I welcome this CX Dashboard development initiative, because data is the most important element, you can not improve what you can not measure. This dashboard aims to be able to integrate data in a single view and can be useful for decision-makers. I hope this dashboard can continue to be developed as needed. Feedback from all users of this dashboard is highly expected so that we can continue to improve this dashboard. In addition, it is necessary to track dashboard menus accessed by users," said Fajrin Rasyid.

Fajrin Rasyid thanked all the teams involved in the development of the CX Dashboard and hoped that this CX Dashboard could be used by all interested parties, and lead to an increase in Telkom's CX and overall customer satisfaction.

On this occasion, a sharing session from Accenture was also held, which was delivered by CX Experts Ritesh Chandra and Astha Bhardwaj who have decades of experience in the Telecommunications and Customer Experience industry.

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