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See the Telkom Regional 2 CX Excellence Program at CX Talks April 2021

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Jun 8, 2023
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Jakarta 29 April 2021 - Telkom Indonesia held a CX Talks activity with the theme "Delivering CX Excellence at Telkom Regional 2" attended by Telkom's CX Expert, namely EVP Telkom Regional 2, Teuku Muda Nanta as a speaker and Deputy EVP CX & Digitalization of BUMN, Sri Safitri as moderator. At the CX Talks event which was held on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, Teuku Muda Nanta shared about Telkom Regional 2 programs in providing CX Excellence to customers, by taking advantage of the momentum where the internet became a very important requirement in supporting daily activities. community amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teuku Muda Nanta explained that the Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on changing customer behavior during the pandemic, including Go Virtual where people carry out daily activities virtually, Empathic Society where people have empathy and have high social solidarity, Stay at Home where people practice physical distancing, and Bottom of The Pyramid where the customer needs a return to basic needs. Facing changes in customer behavior, Telkom Regional 2 has had and implemented strategies and policies to be able to continue to provide the best customer experience to customers amid competitive market dynamics.

Telkom Regional 2 ensures that every day continues to improve services to continue to provide a good customer experience so that it will help in building strong customer relationships. Strong customer relationships will have an impact on increasing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) both operationally and in business. Teuku Muda said that Telkom Regional 2 has an obsession in 2021, namely Bless Excellent where Telkom Regional 2 aspires to provide excellent performance but not just excellent but to produce a blessing for stakeholders. In this CX Talks he also explained about "Critical Success Factors 2021" and explained in detail about "Strategy Implementation TReg 2 2021 Digital Expertise".

Sri Safitri said, “Telkom Regional 2 has the best customer experience nationally. This is inseparable from the spirit of Telkom Regional 2 which always goes out of its comfort zone and does push limits. Of course, this is an inspiration that all Telkom regions must-have. "

In improving customer experience and customer satisfaction with Indihome products, Sri Safitri said that future customer experience improvements will also be supported by the myIndihome X application. With the presence of myIndiHome X, it is hoped that Telkom can provide various information and Indihome services to customers more quickly.

This time, the CX Talks were attended by 166 participants, where participants not only listened to insights from Telkom CX Experts but were also able to actively discuss and ask questions directly to Telkom CX Experts. This makes the participants enthusiastically express their opinions and even provide suggestions for improving customer experience so that the Bless Excellence obsession can be achieved.

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