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A business success is greatly influenced by the way we deliver customer satisfaction. We strive to provide a CX-based business initiative that will deliver impactful growth for the business. I believe it, we believe it, will you believe it too?

Sri Safitri
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...To deliver the best customer experience, make customer our “true north”

Sri Safitri, CX Leader & Expert

Vision & Mission

Delivering a world-class and excellent service for our customer.

Telkom Indonesia strongly embraces a principle that Customer Experience (CX) is a core foundation of a business entity’s long-term growth. In 2018, Telkom stepped up by forming a digital unit that specifically focused on Customer Experience transformation. The unit inception aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operation, with customers as an important driver of the long-term strategies.

Following the unit foundation, Telkom Indonesia is continuously moving towards a lean and agile organization with a central focus on customer-based transformation. The business entity is continuously adapting to the rapid development of the telecommunications and digital industry.

Telkom Indonesia has a vital mission, “Orchestrating digital ecosystem to provide the best practice of customer experience.” Today, the important mandates of the company’s operation are “Transformation of CX towards The Digital-First Customer Journey, and redesigning the business operation through integration of precise IT support systems, holistic business process, and agile human resources (mindsets and culture).

The vital mission and mandates are embodied in a new transformative mission of CX Telkom Indonesia, “Creating a ‘WOW’ Customer Experience for an amazing digital activity in an adaptive and innovative digital business operation.”


What We Do

As part of our commitment to create a ‘WOW’ Customer Experience, We have been implementing multiple unprecedented programs that support development and transformation of the business’ customer experience.

CX Forum

CX Forum is an internal quarterly event within Telkom Indonesia. Started in 2017, the forum invites all senior management leaders of Telkom Indonesia to deepen their understanding of CX. The forum becomes an important pillar within the company that significantly improves Telkom Indonesia’s overall performance on CX transformation. This includes the core foundation of CX, strategic planning of CX, as well as the implementation of CX-based operations.

CX Summit

The summit is an annual event initiated by Telkom Indonesia CX Transformation unit. Aiming to provide the latest important insights on the CX-driven business future transformation. The Summit regularly invites outstanding speakers from various companies across the digital industry in Indonesia. The summit is open for both internal and external participants of Telkom Indonesia, with special reservations are available for Telkom Indonesia’s management board and close business partners.

CX Certification

CX Certification allows the business’ practitioners to build necessary CX Skills imperative to operate the transformation and to drive business growth. The certification is a CX practitioners’ professional recognition for their unique and extensive expertise in the field.

CX Talks

CX Talks is Telkom Indonesia’s regular event aiming to gather CX experts and practitioners. The event allows all participants to exchange their ideas in a constructive manner.

Meet our Experts

As we pave the way to CX transformation, our leading innovators are driving us every day. Meet some of the experts that make CXSense works.

Sri Safitri

Sri Safitri

CX Leader & Expert

Sri Safitri is currently a DEVP of Customer Experience and Digitalization at Telkom Indonesia. An alumna of STT Telkom Indonesia and RMIT Melbourne, she is among 25 top female executives in Telkom Indonesia Corporation. Sri Safitri made her business landmark achievement by leading a joint venture enterprise of Telkom (Indonesia) and Telstra (Australia), known as Telkomtelstra. Her recent appointment is leading the digital transformation division of Telkom Indonesia, a holding with more than 25000 employees, with 45 subsidiaries operating in 9 countries.

Under her leadership, Telkom Indonesia has successfully improved overall performance on Customer Experience (CX). CX division in Telkom Indonesia has won various prestigious awards in recent years. Her expertise in advancing the CX initiative is widely acknowledged both within domestic and the international business landscape. Sri Safitri is named as the Top 150 Global CX leaders 2020.

Aside from busy leading CX transformation in the company. She is also trusted as a member of the advisory board in TM Forum. An alliance of 850+ global companies working together to break down technology and cultural barriers between digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies and systems integrators. She is also an active speaker at various local and international CX Forums.

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Join us in CX Forum Indonesia and be a part of customer experience transformation in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.


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